If there’s anything that can drag down the look and feel of a home, it’s an outdated, ugly kitchen!

For many families, this is the room that they spend the most time in.  Whether eating meals together, teaching children to cook, or hosting fun dinner parties, a great kitchen can help cement memories or give a much-needed place to congregate.  For this particular client, they were ready to bring their underused kitchen into the 21st century.

Our client approached us with a tight budget but reasonable expectations, and we were able to begin helping them find ways to optimize every dollar and give them the most “bang for their buck”.  Thankfully, they were flexible on the timeframe, and understood that – while we would do our best to reduce the impact to daily life – some life interruptions were inevitable.

Ultimately, Old Oak Construction was able to deliver a great new kitchen that met both their expectations and their budget.  We used a muted gray and white color scheme to help give the new space a classic look and feel, while adding some stainless steel appliances and new islands to help get more function out of the space.  The customer was thrilled with the end result, and has since referred us to all of their friends and family!


Grey and White Kitchen