While the idea of living in a log cabin may conjure up visions of prairie pioneers or Abe Lincoln, many people here in North Carolina choose to live their modern-day lives in these type of constructions. In fact, Old Oak Construction was recently called upon to perform a significant renovation and build a new addition to a log cabin home located in Zebulon.

Our client had recently purchased the nearly-hundred-year-old construction and was hoping to build a new life for his family. They had been forced to sell their old farmstead in Garner to make way for a new road construction but fell in love with the idea of cabin living. While the space was adequate for their family’s needs, additional square footage would help provide the family more room for entertaining friends and hosting dinner parties. Further, they had torn down some of the old buildings on their old farmstead, and hoped the materials could be repurposed, helping to bring some of the family history into their new home.

While the build time was expected to take a while, we encountered several unexpected issues with rainfall and late autumn weather events, further compounded by holiday breaks and client travels. On top of this, finding the right materials and components posed even more challenges, as you can’t just run to Lowe’s and find log cabin building supplies. Fortunately, we were able to finish strong, and in eight months the new addition and renovations were complete. The family was thrilled with the renovations and now feel like they’ve made the new house their home!

Log Cabin Renovation