If You Dream It, We Can Build It. 

October 13, 2017

It all started back in 2012…

Old Oak Construction came from my desire to take what I had learned in construction and help create better homes for a refined, southern way of life. It is my goal to see all people enjoy this type of living.

That is why we offer a diversified portfolio that includes everything you could ever want or need in finding a general contractor. From new construction, specialty reclaimed wood projects, bathroom vanity’s, kitchen remodels to crafting a new home design, our team is up for the challenge.

I have included several previous projects that share our story. You can see the pride we take in crafting unique, beautiful, one-of-a-kind projects that meet your demands.

We mean what we say at Old Oak Construction. Nothing is too challenging. Everything you have ever dreamed of for your home, we are experienced, prepared and ready to bring those dreams to life.

Reclaimed Wood Projects: The Possibilities are Endless!


The Old Oak Construction warehouse located in Wendell, North Carolina. This is where all of our custom reclaimed wood projects are designed, crafted and built.


What a beautiful, custom, reclaimed wood headboard that we finished a few weeks ago! We used tongue and groove boards to fill the inside of the external frame. This project took us just a few hours to put together after we had selected the wood and prepared it for assembly.


Another unique display of excellence! This is a custom, reclaimed wood, outside bar with tobacco sticks. We used all reclaimed wood from one of the homeowners old barns to create the frame. Then, we used the family farm to locate tobacco sticks that we then placed evenly along the bar top to create depth and character. Next, we sealed both bar levels in with a custom cut glass top! Beautiful work and one of my top outdoor projects the Old Oak Construction team has completed. 

Indoor Renovations:


Inside a farmhouse style home remodel we completed in Raleigh. We re-finished the entire hardwood flooring while installing patch work that went a long way in restoring this home while adding great value. 


What you see here is the entrance of a one-of-a-kind mud room built in addition to a home renovation. With brick pavers, shiplap and custom wall cutouts to place all your things in at the end of a long day, makes for the perfect cubby to hide all of life’s mess. 



We love mud rooms. It’s probably because we are so good at building them! In all fairness, this room looks tremendous with the custom tile work and reclaimed wood on the far accent wall. Another custom mud room build with quality in mind. 


I love this bathroom! The sink, tile and custom rolling barn doors (made out of reclaimed wood) make this room all come together!


One of my favorite half bathroom projects to date! The small spaces should NOT be forgotten. This little cut out of a bathroom has provided this family with tremendous character and added value to this home.

The opportunities to make your dreams a reality don’t end here.

Take a look at some more projects we have going on via Instagram and Facebook. Or, visit our gallery to see our multitude of completed projects that carry the Old Oak Construction name behind them.

So, if you can dream it, we can build it. 

Until next time.

Ben Carroll