Reflections: Honor. Service. Beginnings.

May 28, 2019

As we celebrated Memorial Day yesterday we wanted to continue to express our sincerest gratitude to all of the men and women who have served in the military and extend our deepest sympathy and utmost honor to those who have fallen.

As a veteran of the Armed Forces and a U.S. Army Ranger squad leader, I owe the military for setting many examples and giving me the leadership and drive I have today.

The military assisted me in developing numerous skills – adversity adaptation, cognitive thinking, overcoming obstacles and challenges, choosing mind over matter and team leadership. It also showed the true meaning of qualities like loyalty, respect, courage, selflessness, sacrifice, integrity and many others.

These leadership skills gave me the gift of a new drive and purpose in life. A drive and purpose that brought me to create and build Old Oak Construction. This is what gives me the passion and compassion to do my best as a contractor daily.

While in the Army, my ultimate goal was to leave people’s worlds in a better state than I found them. That hasn’t changed to this day. My drive as a contractor is to maintain, emulate and reflect what the military has taught me through giving and leaving our clients with a better quality of life in their homes. Their homes in which they get to build families, make memories, feel safe. Homes in which they know that they are protected and have the freedoms that many do not.

We’re driven to show each and every one of our clients the passion, the drive, and the heart we put into all that we do – today and every day ahead.

We hope and pray that you all had a wonderful Memorial Day, and continue to remember those who have sacrificed their lives.